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Build trust through verified inclusivity

Developers are prioritizing companies where they’ll feel great. Our team will interview 2 developers from your team off-the-record so we can better tell the story of your community.

Reach our diverse community

While all are welcome, we pride ourselves in UX’ing specifically for the underrepresented. We’ll also reach out to members of our network that would be a great fit but haven’t yet applied.

Review only qualified applicants

Our algorithm only shows your jobs to pre-qualified candidates, which we further screen with a phone call before passing on to you.

Wes Morgan
CTO of Democracy Works

Flock totally flips the script on tech recruitment. They are the only agency I've been excited to work with, and it's 100% because of their mission and how well they execute it. Having someone who learns about your organization, finds people who fit with what you're looking for but also value things like diversity, inclusiveness, and culture is a whole new level of bang for the buck when it comes to recruitment.